Bill Ruckman

Hi, welcome to my photo gallery.

I am an enthusiastic and experienced amateur photographer.

I have been taking pictures off and on for the last 42 years using medium format and 35mm film. Up until early 2005 I had shot mainly landscapes, car related, and family/friends. That year I went digital and started doing portraiture, events, and sports. In 2006 I got a scanner for my old film, upgraded my lenses, and started learning Photoshop. In 2007 I started building this gallery, and upgrading my cameras.

Regardless of the genre or medium, I just like capturing beauty and recording memories.

I have also been into Nissan/Datsun cars since driving a 65 Datsun pick-up back in college. My current rides are a Nissan 350Z and a Nissan Rogue.